Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A blustery day

On Monday night we had horrific weather. We had 140km/h easterly winds with rain. So ... guess what - the roof blew off in the kids room next to the coffee shop we are building! Another set back. Luckily it didn't fly into the electric cables and fell just short of them. We are already a month past our open date - and have at least a month to go with the building. We are really hoping to be open for December holidays.

We have this JoJo water tank that rolled about 10 hectares. Last time, my brother tried to push it and it rolled over him! :) We had a good laugh on his account. I asked if he wouldn't mind rolling it back!

All in a days work!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Another headache

Yesterday, it was my Gran's birthday party. It was quite a busy day all round with Leo's market day preparation, Anastasia sick and all the kids coming to Gran's house. I wasn't feeling well in the morning but had alot to do so decided to get going.

At 3pm I was feeling really exhausted and needed to sleep. By 4pm I started getting a headache. By 4:30pm I was crying from the pain. Now this doesn't happen often, I am used to headache pains. My brother came to collect the kids to take them home and James waited with me. I think I was also in a panic because I immediately worry about my tumour. The situation reminded me of the pain I had last year that hospitalised me. I took a few pain killers and by 6:30pm I was feeling fine. (A bit "bruised" in the head though)

I am not sure of the cause - I think it is a combination of stress, lack of sleep, stomach pains and sinus congestion. Fortunately I didn't have a seizure.

I stayed at home today to rest and unfortunately missed Leo's market day. (the weather was really nasty!) I think I have become more paranoid about the tumour after my treatments than before. Perhaps that is because I know what it involves. I even worry about my kids getting brain tumours or seizures. Anything that remotely represents it lights a little "spark"

My brother and I were chatting about dogs that can sense when you are about to have a seizure - amazing. I should find out more about it!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

A great idea - radiation mask exhibition in the UK

I got this email and was asked to participate - I like the idea and would like to be involved...

The exhibition will be held during Brain tumour Awareness Month (March in the UK) and will be made up of around 25 radiotherapy face masks.

The masks will literally be just the clear perspex face that is used here in the UK and the idea is that people who have in some way been touched by a brain tumour decorate a mask, in anyway they like, but so it shows their thoughts on brain tumours.

For example, I have a 16 year old who is decorating a mask as her mother has a Grade 3 brain tumour and she wants to help bring attention to the journey her mother and many others have to go through. She is an art student but I have no idea what her mask will look like, however, she will provide a short piece to be displayed with the mask to help explain the thinking behind her design.

Other masks will be decorated or autographed by some celebrities who have been touched in some way by a brain tumour. We are asking anyone taking part to also write a little about why they decided to take part and how they are connected to the brain tumour 'world'.

All the masks will be displayed together then at the end of the exhibitions we will be auctioning off the masks decorated by the celebrities in the hope that they will raise a decent amount of money towards our charity (we are currently in the process of registering as a charity here in the UK).

But first and foremost this project is about raising awareness of what brain tumour patients, their families, friends and carers go through.

The Exhibition will be held at...

1st March - 7th March 2010: NeuroSupport Centre, Liverpool

8th March - 14th March 2010: Nottingham (venue to be confirmed)

15th March - 21st March 2010: London (venue to be confirmed)

22nd March - 28th March 2010: The Forum, Norwich

For more info go to :

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My first visit to the hairdresser

A big moment when I had my first visit to the hairdresser today and got my hair "styled" It even got cut! What a long way I have gone!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Become a blogger for me!

Now - I am so close to having my other website ready. The main website is it will have maps to navigate your way around South Africa. (Still adding data - a longer than expected process!) It is not quite there but you will get the drift.

It is linked to a blog site which I am managing. I am looking for people that can write articles on South Africa as a normal South African or visitor to South Africa. I am looking for any quirks, advice, pictures, places you enjoyed etc etc. I am not interested in politics - so don't even bother. You DON'T have to be a writer or a journalist - if fact I don't want that. I just want someone who will give a visitor to our country some information. Go to or send me an email

If you enjoy soccer and have soccer articles that we can show for the world cup in 2010 - please send me an email.

In Wilderness

Well we arrived safe and sound in Wilderness after a 4 hour drive from PE. No rush on our part as we stopped at Storms River along the way. There are still road works going on! When we arrived there was a big bowl of fruit, champagne and a card. Camilla (James' cousin) has once again racked on the guilt by giving us a spa treatment as a gift! Thanks a mil Camilla - you REALLY shouldn't have (we are enjoying it none the less)

The past week has been a bit rough for me. I was not feeling great and have had to gobble down a few extra tablets. It is very frustrating. Luckily (besides a bit of flu which keeps returning) I am feeling ok today.

I realised that this is why they term me as "disabled" I can't work the hours I used to and the risk of seizures makes everything a worry. I went to an auction with my Dad to get goods for the coffee shop. I couldn't go alone and I always worry that I will have a seizure. After 4 hours there - I was absolutely exhausted and went home to crash.

We went to the most wonderful restaurant last night - they serve organic food and their menu is great. We went there again today to look at the produce stores and get some ideas / sources for our coffee shop. We decided to stay at the lodge tonight - James has gone "hunting" at a market for some ready made meals.

Its very much "Hippie" country - people eating seeds and wearing tie dye clothing. Men with untamed beards and women with no bra's (even though they really need one) Its not exactly our scene but a wonderfully relaxed, friendly and safe atmosphere. Perfect for a holiday!

(I have put up more information on )

Sunday, October 4, 2009

"About BT Buddies"

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Getting away

On Thursday, James & I are going on a "honeymoon" long weekend to "Lodge on the Lake" I am really looking forward to it. It will give me sometime to catch up and perhaps do a bit of writing.

I still haven't an opportunity to paint - location not permitting. This waiting to get going has really made me think about have a "life style" that is worth living.
So far no seizures. I really have been watching myself. (especially when I drive as we are out of town) Kids and James all good ...
On Friday I went for a breakfast hosted by my mom's company (Lynn Page & Associates) I really enjoyed it. We had a Alinda talking about the Free to Grow programme she & her associates run throughout the country. A great programme with long term impact both personally and in the business environment. I suggest you have a look...

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