Thursday, October 22, 2009

Another headache

Yesterday, it was my Gran's birthday party. It was quite a busy day all round with Leo's market day preparation, Anastasia sick and all the kids coming to Gran's house. I wasn't feeling well in the morning but had alot to do so decided to get going.

At 3pm I was feeling really exhausted and needed to sleep. By 4pm I started getting a headache. By 4:30pm I was crying from the pain. Now this doesn't happen often, I am used to headache pains. My brother came to collect the kids to take them home and James waited with me. I think I was also in a panic because I immediately worry about my tumour. The situation reminded me of the pain I had last year that hospitalised me. I took a few pain killers and by 6:30pm I was feeling fine. (A bit "bruised" in the head though)

I am not sure of the cause - I think it is a combination of stress, lack of sleep, stomach pains and sinus congestion. Fortunately I didn't have a seizure.

I stayed at home today to rest and unfortunately missed Leo's market day. (the weather was really nasty!) I think I have become more paranoid about the tumour after my treatments than before. Perhaps that is because I know what it involves. I even worry about my kids getting brain tumours or seizures. Anything that remotely represents it lights a little "spark"

My brother and I were chatting about dogs that can sense when you are about to have a seizure - amazing. I should find out more about it!


Anonymous said...

I certainly want to have you 'fine' all the time... little unrealistic! So glad you didnt have seizure.
Even I found Market Day quite hectic in the beginning... and the PE wind certainly circulated quite fiercely!

Anonymous said...

I know hard to do (as a mother) but please look after yourself - it is the end of year madness that overtakes us all. Everyone exhausted, stressed and just juggling too many balls. Let someone else grab a few of those balls once in awhile. LOL D

Sarah said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog with the info on meds.

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