Friday, October 9, 2009

In Wilderness

Well we arrived safe and sound in Wilderness after a 4 hour drive from PE. No rush on our part as we stopped at Storms River along the way. There are still road works going on! When we arrived there was a big bowl of fruit, champagne and a card. Camilla (James' cousin) has once again racked on the guilt by giving us a spa treatment as a gift! Thanks a mil Camilla - you REALLY shouldn't have (we are enjoying it none the less)

The past week has been a bit rough for me. I was not feeling great and have had to gobble down a few extra tablets. It is very frustrating. Luckily (besides a bit of flu which keeps returning) I am feeling ok today.

I realised that this is why they term me as "disabled" I can't work the hours I used to and the risk of seizures makes everything a worry. I went to an auction with my Dad to get goods for the coffee shop. I couldn't go alone and I always worry that I will have a seizure. After 4 hours there - I was absolutely exhausted and went home to crash.

We went to the most wonderful restaurant last night - they serve organic food and their menu is great. We went there again today to look at the produce stores and get some ideas / sources for our coffee shop. We decided to stay at the lodge tonight - James has gone "hunting" at a market for some ready made meals.

Its very much "Hippie" country - people eating seeds and wearing tie dye clothing. Men with untamed beards and women with no bra's (even though they really need one) Its not exactly our scene but a wonderfully relaxed, friendly and safe atmosphere. Perfect for a holiday!

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