Thursday, November 5, 2009

Not much news

This past week has been really busy trying to sort out the coffee shop, kids, work etc. It is quite alot on my plate and to add to my woes, Leo had toothache and hasn't been sleeping well. He is going to have some fillings and 2 extractions next week. They will sedate him. Unfortunately he doesn't have strong teeth - something he gets from his mother! He has a young female dentist - who was really wonderful with him.

I have to go for a filling / root treatment sometime. I was told during chemo I couldn't have work done on my teeth?? Anyhow it is long overdue. I wish I could be sedated. I am petrified of the dentist! Spent too many hours there as a child. I will see how long I can hold off for!

We have been testing eats from suppliers for the coffee shop- I can feel it on my hips already!

The flu comes and goes ... very annoying! I need to try build up my strength! Its 9am and ready to go back to bed!...


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to try the coffee shop - please send directions to your place need to visit sometime. I hate dentist too - my teeth a shocker.
Chat soo

Anonymous said...

It is getting exciting again now that the counter units etc are being fitted into Coffee Shop. Took some pics today and they were cool!
Heading for countdown so please have your teeth seen to SOOOOON.. love Mom

Sandra_B said...

Hi Deirdré,

yesterday I sent you and your mom a few pics from our trip to Màlaga but the email couldn't be delivered to your address...therefore I hope your mom is going to show you the pics.

Today your mom sent me the latest shots of your coffee shop (thanks Lynn!) - what I see there looks very fantastic. I wished I could help you with it somehow.

Poor Leo...your mom already said that he is not feeling that great at the moment.

By the way I have seen a short documentary on TV in the beginning of this week and there they said that the university hospital in Heidelberg/Germany (it's a stronghold of medicine)has established a very new highly technological chemo therapy "machine". They've developed something that is specialised om treating very complicated tumors that can hardly be reached...maybe their website says something about it:


Miss you lots.

Lots of love

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