Thursday, November 12, 2009

Our coffee shop progress

Well life is busy here getting the coffee shop ready! I have been helping on a tender and generally running around. I need to fill in a blog entry at least once a week! It is actually amazing how much we miss in our lives (especially when your memory has been shot!) I am always surprised when I go back and look at entries. (I suggest we all do it) It makes our lives feel both full and short!

This week I found out that someone I had worked closely with a few years back, husband died of a brain tumour! It was a shock and a reality check - I am so lucky for all the prayers and support during a difficult time. I have to say it, I am grateful that I got through this.

Leo went for his op on his teeth - and didn't cry once! I was so relieved. I have become totally paranoid when it comes to hospitals. He had a sleeping tablet before and was like a drunk wondering around! It was quite funny to watch. He insisted he could draw but could barely keep his eyes open!

Here is a pic of the inside of the coffee shop (my brother Paul in the pic)


Anonymous said...

Wow pics look great! Such a new chapter is opening. How can you laugh at the poor little man! I am glad he is fine. We in Knysna overlooking lagoon! Lovely just weather is overcast and drizzly.

Anonymous said...

Looks FANTASTIC wow - getting there! Glad Leo's op went well. Will be happy when the exams over and school done - no more lunches and early mornings !!
Chat soon. Look after yourself and take it easy every now and again

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