Thursday, January 14, 2010

Back for scan

Well next week I have to get "real" again! I am going to see Dr Dupper and have another MRI. It is not something I am looking forward to doing, I must admit. (Nothing personal against Dr Dupper!) I also need to visit the dentist. Something I dread.

Coffee shop life is definately not helping the waist! This week has been quiet, probably due to the schools opening. I think I am really going to enjoy my new life. Its quite hard to believe it is 2010 already!

I have known about this brain tumour for 3 1/2 years now!  Well, I still just take each day as it comes and live my life to the fullest as I know how!

I will let you know... have a good weekend


Anonymous said...

What you and James have done in 3 years some of us dont do in a lifetime! Kevin Mc says you match the coffee shop! You look so right in it.
You have a knack of making the environment fit in with you! I am looking forward to a good report from Dr D!
Lotsa love

Anonymous said...

Hey it's going to be a goodie just like the cofee shop and your new life- CONGRATULATIONS you have come soooo far.

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