Monday, January 18, 2010

Day off

Well this was my "official" day off in 5 weeks! Not that I had much rest though! I had a dental appointment, ran around dropping off and fetching kids, shopped and went to visit a friend (Hayley) Next week Anastasia & I are off to the densist and none of it looks like good news, I must admit.

Hayley had quite a bad fall while hiking. She has fractured her scull and has come out remarkable well. She is being a bit hard on herself wanting to get back into the swing of things , even though she has been given strict instructions to stay in bed in a dark room. I understand what she is going through. We are all happy that she has so few side effects considering the type of injury she has.

It really is quite hard for alot of us to just stop and breathe. We have to get over the guilt of not contributing or show that we are still capable. The house doesn't have to be perfect and the kids can sometimes just have sandwiches for supper. Its being there that is more important. It has taken me a while to stop feeling quilty. I do, however, still believe that we should still do what we feel will contribute to our life and those of others.

Its funny because working in the coffee shop, it is ok if I have nothing to do. I am actually allowed to just sit. Quite a different stance on life!

Get better soon Hayley! d:)


Anonymous said...

Good comment about just being there and things not always being perfect - I forget this all too often. Good luck for dentist - HORRIBLE visit always

Anonymous said...

How come there isnt a link to The Grove Tea and Coffee Shop?

Anonymous said...

Mates to Grove yesterday so enjoyed it ! Hope all visits to doc went well thinking of you
All love

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