Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Oh my word!

To say I am shattered is a tad bit of an understatement. We are working our butts off (a good thing I am sure) in the coffee shop! What a year this has turned out to be! I am not sure (well I am sure) if we are making any money yet, but at least there is something coming in. (Still quite a bit leaking out) It always helps if there are people praying for it.

I feel like I have ended up in the middle of a riot somehow. James & I are too tired to think let alone perform any marital duties :) We just lay in bed and stare blankly onto the ceiling wondering what we have got ourselves into! (and deciding if brushing our teeth is at all worth the effort!)

Like I say - you never know where life will take you. I seem to only think about it after I have jumped in!


Sandra Bärthel said...

Hey you,

I am sure you had moments like that before...you seem to be very exhausted and only now you probably see the hard work behind the scenery of a coffee shop. But as I read your mom's comment from your previous entry, it seems that people already visited your place more than just one time. I know that you have a great place. Looking forward to seeing it soon.

Lots of love

Sandra Bärthel said...

Hi Deirdrè,

yesterday I got a message from Vanessa on facebook and without me telling her about your new coffee shop, she said the following:

"Lynn and Deirdre started a fantastic coffee shop out on the Old Seaview Rd. I've been there twice and it's such a lovely farm environment and quiet atmosphere. I'm sure they're going to be successful as people in PE love nice country side places to go to especially for a Sunday lunch."

As you can see this impression says a lot about your coffee shop! You guys are just going to be good!

It was snowing today. It is freezing and the next few days don't seem to promise any "improvement".

It's my last day of my leave, on Monday I have to start working again.

Looking forward to the weekend though. I am not used to staying with Ella alone at home :-)

I wish all of you a nice Friday afternoon and a great weekend!

Lots of love.

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