Sunday, February 28, 2010

Adam a brain surgeon?

Well the other day, Adam (12 years old) and I were chatting. (Anastasia and Leo weren't around so we actually has some quiet time!) We were talking about careers. He said (out of the blue) that he wants to be a brain surgeon! Now Adam is diligent, focused, a bit vague and very intelligent. (We have always referred to him as a nutty professor) One thing in his disfavour is that he cannot handle the sight of blood. A major hindrance to someone wanting to be a doctor. He is like me, we fall to pieces when we see someone bleeding. I feel quite ill just watching a dog cry when it is in pain.

We spoke a bit about what being a doctor entails. I also explained what a neurologist does. We have always believed that Adam should get into stem cell / genetic sciences. He certainly has the "brains" for it!!

Besides all the obstacles involved in being a brain surgeon and whether or not he would still want to do this in adulthood , I was surprised but extremely proud to hear my son say "I want to be a brain surgeon!"

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mask Exhibition

Today was Leo's 4th birthday ( I have tried to get picture of him but he and Adam are wrestling and I am not to interfere) It really takes me back! It was before I fell pregnant that I had the first symptoms and only when it got worse during the pregnancy did they diagnose me when Leo was 5 months old!

There is an exhibition in the UK to raise awareness of brain tumour patients. for more information go to

I have done up my radiation mask with a collection of photos (of the times I have been through) it has a light in the middle and actually has MY OWN HAIR (the bit that was shaved before surgery) It is a visual interpretation of what's been going on in my head!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What a weekend

I am realising that I must, in fact, be nuts... this weekend, albeit fun, was hectic. And of course I did have to do two evening functions! What have I learnt? Well having a planned function is good, we were on time, prepared and I could happy act hostess and not waitress. What I won't be doing again is trying to arrange the event myself. The marketing, the disappointments etc is just too much on top of the planning and organising. So from now on, I will be able to host functions, but I won't initiate them!

Sunday was MAD I didn't think it would be that busy! I am in dire need of waitrons.... HELP! During the week it is quiet (except for the 30 grannies coming tomorrow bright and early)...

I have spent 2 days doing my book and my two other websites... One for James ( ) and The Grove. So I have been sitting on this chair and feeling the worst for it. But then again I have absolutely no desire to leave!

Here is a great pic of Ana & I on Valentines evening .... Can you see how long my hair is getting!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Writing a book

I am sorry to say, I have been lead down a path of cliche and have ended up writing a book. (Not finished but on it's way) Obviously I have a few grammar and spelling issues, it probably comes with the story. Now, I have to think of a name... I have NO idea and everything seems a little cheesy. HELP ME PLEASE

Some ideas I have ... Surviving Brain Surgery - for Dummies, How to Blog during Brain Surgery, Thriving on Vague Diagnosis, A Bad Hair Year, The CEO of a Major Operation, Bad Bad Brain Hole...

The content is a collection of emails, reports, blog entries, notes to self as they happened. The aim is to keep it similar to my style of blogging and with humour to make it less heavy yet authenic.

I feel cheesy even telling you! "Oh well, I'll get over it"

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tumour Shrinking

I had great news yesterday ... It seems as though the tumour is shrinking! There is no visible malignancy and what is there is either odema (swelling / bruising) or low grade. I have been expecting (hoping) it. I think it has been due to, not only, the medical treatments but also the incredible faith, prayers and support during this time. A real team effort!

I can't pretend that I don't get moments of worry. I think back to the prognosis and it does scare me. I have spoken to quite a few people who have been through treatments and alot of them say they won't do it again. I think that it is quite hard to totally forget.

So life continues, the... mundain, exciting, sad, tired, gifts, pleasures, love, frustrations, rewards, difficulties, pain, tears and laughs. "There is nothing new under the sun" BUT it is all worth it. I am richer for it.

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