Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mask Exhibition

Today was Leo's 4th birthday ( I have tried to get picture of him but he and Adam are wrestling and I am not to interfere) It really takes me back! It was before I fell pregnant that I had the first symptoms and only when it got worse during the pregnancy did they diagnose me when Leo was 5 months old!

There is an exhibition in the UK to raise awareness of brain tumour patients. for more information go to

I have done up my radiation mask with a collection of photos (of the times I have been through) it has a light in the middle and actually has MY OWN HAIR (the bit that was shaved before surgery) It is a visual interpretation of what's been going on in my head!

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Anonymous said...

Two things: the pics are different! Gran was asking me How does the mask look? I hope these pics help her!
2nd. I can see the site you refer to for the exhibition.
Have a great week, McDee!

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