Sunday, February 28, 2010

Adam a brain surgeon?

Well the other day, Adam (12 years old) and I were chatting. (Anastasia and Leo weren't around so we actually has some quiet time!) We were talking about careers. He said (out of the blue) that he wants to be a brain surgeon! Now Adam is diligent, focused, a bit vague and very intelligent. (We have always referred to him as a nutty professor) One thing in his disfavour is that he cannot handle the sight of blood. A major hindrance to someone wanting to be a doctor. He is like me, we fall to pieces when we see someone bleeding. I feel quite ill just watching a dog cry when it is in pain.

We spoke a bit about what being a doctor entails. I also explained what a neurologist does. We have always believed that Adam should get into stem cell / genetic sciences. He certainly has the "brains" for it!!

Besides all the obstacles involved in being a brain surgeon and whether or not he would still want to do this in adulthood , I was surprised but extremely proud to hear my son say "I want to be a brain surgeon!"

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Anonymous said...

Cool! He is my kinda guy (scary!) and I am incredible proud of him, too. Sandwiched between Ana and Leo, you both need to escape to have Mom and Adam time!

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