Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What a weekend

I am realising that I must, in fact, be nuts... this weekend, albeit fun, was hectic. And of course I did have to do two evening functions! What have I learnt? Well having a planned function is good, we were on time, prepared and I could happy act hostess and not waitress. What I won't be doing again is trying to arrange the event myself. The marketing, the disappointments etc is just too much on top of the planning and organising. So from now on, I will be able to host functions, but I won't initiate them!

Sunday was MAD I didn't think it would be that busy! I am in dire need of waitrons.... HELP! During the week it is quiet (except for the 30 grannies coming tomorrow bright and early)...

I have spent 2 days doing my book and my two other websites... One for James (http://cornerstonearch.blogspot.com/ ) and The Grove. So I have been sitting on this chair and feeling the worst for it. But then again I have absolutely no desire to leave!

Here is a great pic of Ana & I on Valentines evening .... Can you see how long my hair is getting!!


Anonymous said...

Goregeous ! Glad you were so busy - good for the soul to know that the Grove is 'out there' now - well done

Barb said...

I am exhausted just reading all you packed into the weekend! Glad you are having fun and definitely accomplishing a lot.

You and Ana look stunning - amazing how far you have come from this time last year.

Keep going and we will see you in four weeks time.

Lots of love.

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