Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A bit down

The past week I have had my friend Sandra with her daughter Ella and partner Sven from Germany visiting. She leaves tomorrow. The time has gone so quickly and there is not enough time to really spend with each other. Finances have been tight, I can see the strain on James' face. Not to mention, the politics is a bit tiring for me after the threatning racisit remarks towards whites.

On another more positive note... the exhibition seems to be going well! Here is the link http://www.btbuddies.org.uk/ and some pictures...

Friday, March 19, 2010

Speaking to the masses!

Yesterday, I gave my first talk at 'The Grove' to a group of retired folk. (I did speak at my Grannies church last year as a thank you) Basically I told them about The Grove and how we built it and how my whole family was involved in some capacity. 'The Grove' has given us all some sort of work and income potential. This is significant considering how many people were falling over due to the economic crisis last year.

Then I told the group why we bought the farm.

As many of you many know, we bought the farm when I was diagnosed with the tumour. We did this for a few reasons, primarily to combine resources and to help me during the treatment. At the time there were many risks for me, survival being one of them. The kids would need to be taken care of. I wouldn't be able to work as I had and therefore finances were another issue.

So after the talk, one of the ladies asked if I thought I would still have done the coffee shop, farm thing should I not have been diagnosed. My reply - No. This shows me that God does work all things together for good to those that love Him. He has truly blessed me.

After the talk, a woman asked if I have given God glory for how He has worked in my life. (I felt that I have) She also said that she believes that He will use me. Another woman asked me if I would be willing to speak as a survivor to encourage cancer patients going through treatment. I said to her I am willing to help. I can feel that God is moving me in this direction.

See, God does work in mysterious ways!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

Yesterday at The Grove was crazy. We SOLD OUT - seriously. I only have 3 portions of carrot cake left! We had to eat fish fingers and chicken nuggets for supper ;(

We weren't prepared for it at all! Last weekend we had 2 tables on Sunday and this weekend we had to put people outside. I think one or two people didn't enjoy waiting for service (and that upsets me) But its fresh and there is only so much we can do. Most people seemed happy and had a great time!

I really wish there was an even flow so that I can gauge how to gear up! I was quite tired and am suffering from a headache today. It is so incredibly frustrating to have to worry about my head all the time. Another busy week is in store... my parents 60th birthday party, my friend from Germany arrives today, got old ladies coming for tea ...

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Book Finished ...

Besides one or two things that I want to edit, I will say that my book is done. Now I have to try to figure out how to get it published. Another problem is that I still don't have a name!! How difficult is it going to be - I thought it would have come to me but alas - still not.

The book has quite a few writtings that was not published on the blog. The other writings deal with a some of my emotions during the period. So some of it is funny and other bits sad...

My head has been a bit sore lately. Perhaps it is because I have spent too much time on my laptop!

Another thing, I need a book cover. I was wondering if I should use my paintings. The painting "life" I did just after my operation and might appropriate. (in the design and not necessarily on its own) But I don't know!

Here is the pic...

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