Monday, March 15, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

Yesterday at The Grove was crazy. We SOLD OUT - seriously. I only have 3 portions of carrot cake left! We had to eat fish fingers and chicken nuggets for supper ;(

We weren't prepared for it at all! Last weekend we had 2 tables on Sunday and this weekend we had to put people outside. I think one or two people didn't enjoy waiting for service (and that upsets me) But its fresh and there is only so much we can do. Most people seemed happy and had a great time!

I really wish there was an even flow so that I can gauge how to gear up! I was quite tired and am suffering from a headache today. It is so incredibly frustrating to have to worry about my head all the time. Another busy week is in store... my parents 60th birthday party, my friend from Germany arrives today, got old ladies coming for tea ...


Anonymous said...

FANTASTIC but frustrating - like life - always a feast or a famine. Sorry will miss party this weekend - would love to have been with you.

Christel said...

I hope the old ladies you referred to was not the farmcomm medical team?? ha ha ha - thanks for a lovely evening last night. Your place is stunning and I'll definately be back with my family. FC16 Christel

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