Thursday, April 15, 2010

Book Name - My Brain Matters

Well James is convinced that I should call my book "My Brain Matters". My mother and daughter are in agreement so I have gone ahead with that.

I have a local publisher interested and I have been in contact with a self publishing house in the UK what have given me a quote. Now I need to decide what would be best for me. I am needing to get exposure and I am not sure how to do that. One step at a time...

What a fun thing this has been! I could do this for a living while stepping in and out of the coffee shop.

I have made a few updates to the website - you will see some new pages at the top links. I still have to fit in a lot more.

I am meeting so many people in the coffee shop. I should really start sharing the stories!

I am feeling good today (besides the nagging cough that I can't seem to beat) I can run my fingers through my hair and have to make another appointment with the hairdresser - whoever thought this tediuos action would bring such joy!!

For all my South Africans - Don't touch me on my studio! (For the rest Google it)


Barb said...

Love the title - great choice.

Can't wait to get my hands on a copy once it is published.

Miss you so much and wish I could just pop into the Grove for a coffee and dessert.

Will write soon.

Lots of love to all.


Anonymous said...

We miss you, Bar. Grass is so green (very green for ECape).

The title of book makes me laugh...
My Brain Matters... so day to day and relevant
My Brain MATTERS!!! so real!

Publishing is quite another journey... glad you enjoying this, Dee. And the hair looks great! Love Mom - of course you should Love Mom

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