Friday, April 23, 2010

An old diary

On Monday I decided to have a big clean up! What a huge task. Since we moved into our place the same time as the coffee shop, I didn't really get to sort out my house. It was like a gym session on steroids!!

When I was packing out the stuff I found an old journal. I have never used one and only made one entry. (I started to blog in 2008) It was written in 2002 ... I found the entry interesting (also embarrasing to read) because it mentions my headaches and the stomach pains which I now feel are indicators of a seizure. It was actually written just before I had to go to hospital for stomach pain and dizziness caused by "stress".

"...I feel helpless (about the situation) and I feel that no-one helps me. I know that I get stomach pains and headaches from my worries. I try to hide it most of the time..."

So I am sure that stress agrivates the situation but what I was actually having were seizures!

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