Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mothers Day

I have been so quiet on my blog for a while now. This is for 2 reasons, one I have been running around with the Coffee Shop and the other is that I don't have much news other than work. I actually made a special effort to blog today! We had a very big function this weekend with over 160 people. I was quite frustrated because the heaters weren't operating at lunch time which meant that the microwave was working overtime and the service was slow. I was so upset! Other than that little hiccup, all seemed to go well and people enjoyed the day.

I remembered that I have to have another scan in a month's time. I am feeling so good generally that I only think about the tumour sporadically . It is amazing how our lives swing back. I am still looking at publishing the book but for now it is on the back burner as there just isn't time.

Leo made us laugh out loud the other day. He and Adam were playing outside and after a couple of hours they went inside to rest. As they were lying on the beds, Leo said to Adam : "I am so tired from all that running, my legs are sore and my brain hole is getting bigger" - That from a 4 year old! LOL

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