Friday, June 25, 2010

Next scan

Well I suppose I should go for my next scan soon. I will make an effort to make a booking next week - even though I really don't feel like going. Between the coffee shop and working on another project for a corporate, I am finding very little time to get other things done.

I am loving my new mac book - even though it has taken me a good few attempts to get used to. I am now starting the process of transferring data, contacts etc etc to the mac. To add to my woes, I have changed cell phones to a blackberry so that is also taking a bit of time. My older kids have actually been working at the coffee shop to save up for a new iPad -  I must say it looks really appealing. It costs double here than in the USA even with the exchange rate! - shocking.

James & I celebrate our wedding anniversary next weekend and my hair is just about as long now as when we met! It's like we are starting all over again! What an interesting few years it has been!

I have got into the soccer fever. Now being a soccer watcher, I am amazed at how hooked I am. I haven't been "allowed" to go to any games because James is concerned (a rightfully I suppose) about me having a seizure due to the noise and the crowd volume. So on Wednesday, when England was playing, I got very grumpy that I was working while everyone was at the stadium watching the game. (It was in Port Elizabeth) Its at times like this that I really feel how terrible it is to have something hindering you.

The teams I am supporting - Germany, USA, England - primarily because they are the biggest tourist group to SA and I would like them to stay as long as possible!

The best part of the World Cup in SA - all South Africans working together! What a lovely time.

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Anonymous said...

Sent you a long message yesterday but never went through. Love hearing from you as have been nose to grind stone at work as a staff member forgetting the difference between pocket and petty cash box !Would love to get together soon - miss you guys !

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