Friday, June 4, 2010

So quiet!

Well what can I say ... I have been so quiet on my blog! We have been running around like mad people! I am doing a bit of contract work (yes I know - I should take it easy) Every thing just seems to come together at once! I am looking for someone to assist me in the coffee shop...

I am supposed to go for a scan sometime this month. I really don't want to - although I am always curious. I met Dr Dupper - he came to the coffee shop for a snack and he says I should just have it done. Oh the guilt! I suppose I am too scared to do anything. (Can you blame me) My life is going well at the moment.

Soccer world cup is gearing up and we are hoping this will fill up the coffee shop a bit. I am getting into the spirit and putting the SA flag on my car and in the shop! We have actually achived alot as a country - no matter what the outcome is! I hope all South Africans will feel this way!

I would like to hear from you for a change so please send an email or a comment on my blog!

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