Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Susan Boyle and Frank McMahon

Well my Grandad - Frank McMahon (83) has submitted his audition video for her competition. She is offering the winner to sing "Silent Night" with her to be put on her album. He will probabaly be a bit shy BUT hey! He has nothing to lose and has a great voice. Have a look at his You Tube upload

Other than that, things are super busy! I travelled last week and it was FREEZING! -5! The coffee shop is getting busy now. I have a new lady - Gen - working for me now. Hopefully she can get a few things in order. Family is good. I can't believe the world cup is Over?

Still need to make an appointment for my brain follow up scan. I know I know - I have EVERY intention of setting it up this week. Promise.

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