Thursday, August 5, 2010

All Good!!

Well I FINALLY went for my scan! And had absolutely great news!! Everything seems to look good - no growth, stable etc.

On Women's Day I will be giving a talk on "Celebrating Life". I must be honest I am so happy about the results that I really do feel like celebrating! I will be sharing my story since being diagnosed with a brain tumour four years ago... three brain operations, radiation, chemo; visited five countries; had a solo exhibition; written a book; opened a coffee shop…

My book has been sent for printing... I have changed the name to "Brutal Honesty" I will be going to have some photos taken next week sometime!


CJ said...

Fantastic news - you must all be relieved. Perhaps living life in the fast lane like you do has been a good thing! No chance for anything to settle as you are always on the move. Look forward to having another signed book on my shelf - seems like a lot of my friends are publishing these days! LOL to all, CJx

Barb said...

This is the BEST news ever - I feel like celebrating with you.
Can't wait to read the book and I love the new title.

Please give love to the family - I miss you all.

Anonymous said...

FANTASTIC FANTASTIC FANTASTIC !!! Soooo thrilled. You have been/are a star in every sense of the word -when I feel down I just have to look at you to realise how amazing life can be - so proud to know you !

Anonymous said...

GREAT news, D! You are such an inspiration.
Love u lots

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