Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Busy with my book

I am giving my cover a bit of thought and need to have some photo's ... I would share an except with you from the book:

“...I do struggle to think that James will be with someone else (even though he says he won’t / cant) Realistically he would be young and would need someone. It is my belief that we have soul mates in life and at some point we are together again. I feel like this would be challenged if life is shared with another (stupid I know) I am also scared that there is nothing (which I don’t believe but its hard not to think about it)...” Deirdre Kohler

“...several times during Sandy's last year of life she told me, "I want you to love again. Being with someone else will not take away from what we had... Promise me you'll love again." So I lied to her and said I would. And as time goes on, I know for certain that once you've found your soulmate, that's it. The thought of someone "replacing" her never enters my head or my heart. So I apologize to her for saying I would love again...” Dan O’

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