Thursday, August 12, 2010

Newspaper Write up!

I was in the newspaper today! On Monday I gave a talk called "Celebrating life" where I spoke about the tumour. One of the ladies wrote something and the paper came by yesterday to interview me! I didn't think that it would be on the 3rd page today!


My Father is Love said...

Dear Deirdre

Your article today was not coincidental - and is proof that God is in control of everything and that His plans are beyond our comprehension.

A week ago I had no personal understanding about brain tumours - until last week Friday morning when I received a call that my precious oldest son had to go for an emergency operation to remove a huge low grade malignant tumour on the lefthand side of the brain. He since went for another operation (Cape Town) and battled with high brain pressure. His condition is improving and we are so deeply grateful to God. He has the most amazing wife - their marriage is made in heaven.

My son is slowly being weaned off sedation drugs and we are continuously praying to God that all will be well. Parts of the tumour could not be removed and will be treated with radiation.

Thank you for your blog and sharing your experiences - you are a blessing from God!!

From now on, you will be in my prayers as well.

Hugs to you :-))


Anonymous said...

Soo proud of you. Hey never known a celeb before !LOL D

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