Monday, September 20, 2010

Book Release

Well FINALLY my book is at the point when it is going to print! Yay Yay Yay! I am having a few copies posted to me for review. I can't tell you how excited I am. It actually feels unreal!

Talking about unreal ... about two weeks ago, someone(s) broke through our gate. What happened...  I needed to go to the bathroom at about 11:30 (not usual) I dragged myself out of bed and as I turned the light on, I called James and said "I hear a car" Now we have 2 gates. A small one and then about 2 car spaces to the big one. Our bathroom is very close to the large gate. He looks out of the window and says "There are a lot of OSTRICHES!" NO I AM NOT MAKING IT UP! We looked out of the window and there they were 14 ostriches. When I had turned on the light, we think it scared the thieves off and I just hear the car pulling away.

James wondered around with his rifle and I tried to use the local farm radio ... I had no idea how to do the "foxtrot charlie" thing so I eventually just said "HELLO can someone help, we have a few Ostriches ..." One of our neighbours thought I said "Sausages" and wondered why I was putting that on the radio.  Farm patrol, nitres security and the police all came. They couldn't really do anything because nothing had been stolen and in fact we had ended up with "free" livestock. It turned out to be my neighbours ostriches. The thieves had tried to use our gates as a holding pen till the truck arrived.

It is the first break-in that i know of that someone has actually left something instead of taking something!

I think God has given me interesting Angels to watch over us - that have a bit of a sense of humour!

Here is my latest commissioned painting - delivered last week!

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Anonymous said...

Only in Africa ! Can't wait to read book !

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