Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What it is like living with a brain

Well I decided not to add the "tumour" word to brain today. It does get a bit tiring thinking about it all the time! The past few weeks I have been very busy. I have had a couple of talks, travelled to JHB, worked and been running the coffee shop. SO all things considered I got a bit TIRED today! After a good 2 hour afternoon nap I am back online! People don't really believe me when I said I had a brain tumour!

My frustration, at the moment, is my book. It is SO close to being printed but there is always just another thing to do before I get there. The other thing is that I really want to organise my trip to the UK and the money I was expecting from the sale of my house is tied up between strikes, lawyers and deed of sale transfers.  SO I am needing to make some kind of plan. VERY frustrating.

I have been thinking so much about where my life is going lately. Old Mutual is hosting two talks for my next week, one in George and the other in PE. I really do enjoy the talks and often amazed that people think it is inspiring. Honestly I don't think anything has been amazing. I am SO excited to FINALLY see my book finished. I have dreams of travelling around doing book launches!

Sometime in my life I am going to need to pay a visit to the dentist! I joined dance classes and haven't even gone yet! I have such good intentions ... sigh! Oh yes, I have just finished and sold another painting! It was very liberating!


Anonymous said...

I feel exhausted just reading your blog ! Look after yourself LOL D

Sarah said...

stunning - can you post the paintings to your site - would love to see them. Sarah

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