Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fashion Show

Last night I was invited as a guest speaker in a fashion show to raise awareness for cancer. My talk was much "lighter" than I normally do - considering the function. I had such a good time. Finally I was a ramp model!  ( I had to give my talk from the ramp) I am so short that I was only slightly taller than the average sized folk - even being was on the ramp!

Talking about it is so strange, the whole thing is bit of an out of body experience. I can't believe what has happened in the time since I had the tumour. It was amusing seeing the audience gasp when they saw the size of the tumour on the screen. I have a bit of a wicked sense of humour!

Today my mom pulled up a video that we did when I was in hospital. Do you know that I haven't actually watched it (yes ever!) So today I had a look at one of the videos. The thing I noticed today in the movie was James' face when they were pushing me into surgery. It just reminded me why I love him and that I am loved. I also noticed I am looking a bit older these days! NNNOOOO ...

Thanks to Lindy and Gareth for organising the function. You can look up blushing bride on facebook for more info...

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