Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Nearly there!

Well my tickets are booked, my passports have arrived, so now I am just waiting for my UK Visa. (A very important thing in this trip!)  I still have this flu thing and the vertigo (in my opinion) is definitely due to the anti-seizure meds. Every time I take one, within 40 min I start rolling around like I am crack or something.

So after contacting Dr Butler, he has reduced the medication. Then there is the other problem that this will increase my risk of a seizure - which is really bad timing considering I am off to the UK this weekend (visa permitting)!!

I am looking at this as a working holiday. Which between the talks, travel, exhibition and book, I don't think anyone could argue this fact. Not normal earning work but rather something that requires my attention. I have this continuous need to think of ideas / goals and aiming for them. It is to my own credit and demise. I said to my mother yesterday that it is so frustrating that my body doesn't co-operate with my will. I cannot stop the creative side so by body stops it for me!

There is so little happening in SA to support Brain Tumour Victims. It is actually quite scary. This fact, combined with the relatively small research funding on brain tumours verses other cancers, makes someone being diagnosed left totally in the dark. In chatting to James this morning, I said to him that most people who hear you have a brain tumour think that "this is the end" This causes an apathy towards helping patients heal. I must be honest, I thought this way about people with liver cancer.

So I hope this trip will give me some ideas of how to help in South Africa.

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