Friday, October 15, 2010

Still here

Every time I check on a fellow brain tumour blog I get more and more depressed. There are some of us that are still fighting fit and others that are slowly going down. I take it absolutely personally.

I got bad news today. The money I have been waiting for, from the sale of my house, has yet again been delayed. I actually burst into tears, to the shock of the staff. I have been on a knife edge financially (as I am sure many of you have) and was planning to use the money to pay for the tickets for the trip to the UK. It seems like everything has just been so difficult this month. I slept for 4 hours yesterday from pure exhaustion.

I have LOVED giving the talks and feel that is what I should be doing. Can you believe that for the first time since my operation, I actually watched the video my mother did of the first week in hospital. I am going to try get it onto You Tube. For the first time I saw James walking behind me hiding the tears.

Watching people die (online) is HORRIBLE. So even after a hard couple of months, when it comes down to the very core, I am still here and just have to thank God for that.

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Anonymous said...

Oh D I am sorry to hear about another delay ! It is the most awful feeling. I will get to ONE of your talks when work quietens down a little. Please keep a book for me though

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