Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Comments from the book

Well I think it is time to revamp the website... the days have been SO busy. I have had very good responses from people reading the book and it is so encouraging. Like I have said before, it is very scary putting your personal life and feelings out into public domain.

I love the feedback, good or bad (good is preferred)! As you may have realised, "Brutal Honesty" is best. Please leave your comments on what you think of the book! Appreciated...

Thank you everyone for sharing this with me...


Anonymous said...

Loving your book - even though with you for parts of the journey I never truly realised what you went through. It has made me thankful for every single day

Matthew Derek Kohler said...

Hi D,

I must admit that I got the book on Sat and by Monday I had already finished it. I thought that the book was brilliant! I don't feel like I can say it is wonderful as I am sure it is anything but wonderful to have a brain tumour!!!

But really such a brilliant book and I loved the way you brought Dan into the book as it brought something to the book that I didn't know about!!

Hope it is a smashing success!
Luv Liza

Anonymous said...

Went into bookshop yesterday and owner took 10 books without hesitation! great!

Anonymous said...

Just finished your book ! Loved every moment of it - well done !

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