Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Tomorrow we are entering the last month of the year. To say it has gone quickly is an understatement. I am now facing my normal fears and opportunities for the year to come.

I have to look around and ask where this experience is leading me. It is quite scary to know that I am going to go into the New Year with no formal income and James scaling down his operations. It is an absolute walk in faith. I know, however, that God has given me tools like my book, my coffee shop,  talks, James' talent etc to work with. Now it is time for opportunity. I do believe I am lucky in life. So now I have to send my requests for a GOOD YEAR.

I've been thinking about what it is that I would like to do that would really make me happy. Many people say that we all have a passion that we should pursue, but I have SO many things I enjoy doing and don't want to only focus on one thing at a time. I am hoping that something will turn up to be more prevalent both in income and significance next year.

I have met so many people through this book who have had some experience. It has made me realise what a huge need there is for someone to talk to. I must say that I don't feel qualified to answer questions or give advice - I don't have much tact and tend to be too opinionated. But if you are looking for straight talk then I will be happy to answer you.

Another thing that has come out of this is that I don't really like talking about the brain tumour since I put it in book form. It is the strangest scenario. I am finding my own story a bit boring (remember I have read it 1000 times!) and like to hear more about others. Even blogging is difficult and it is something I absolutely love to do. I will just have to find another topic. So I think a website update is inevitable!

Leo has discovered an iPod! It is amazing to see how quickly he picks it up and navigates it. Father Christmas is coming to his school tomorrow so Mommy Christmas is gonna have to organise some gifts! Adam is in this last weeks of junior school and Ana may move to another school next year! So it seems like all the kids will be in different schools next year...

Last night we had a function at The Grove. I really do love the parties and celebrations! (but what a lot of work it is)

I will be doing my LEAST favourite thing tomorrow and that is to see the Dentist!

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Anonymous said...

Had great comments on the two functions this week. Well done! also great comments on book from Jhb. Perhaps others could start sharing their journeys somehow on the blog...

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