Monday, November 1, 2010

Trying to take a break

I haven't gone to UK - yes it is very disappointing but I actually don't have the energy to fight anymore. This past year has been tough on so many levels. I think when you are under financial strain it just magnifies the stress.

The vertigo is definitely better after I lowered my medication dose. I must be honest, I am still a little shell shocked by the whole episode. I wish I could relax but my mind just constantly goes in loops and "To Do" lists. If anyone knows how to delete a "to do" list from a woman's mind, please let me know.

I met someone from CT, Sarah, who also has a brain tumour. It was nice to catch up. It just makes me realise how little is available to us here in SA. I am fortunate because I spend so much time on the net that I can swim my way around better than most.

I have also realised how needy I am of the internet and blogging as a form of expressing my feelings. Whenever I get upset I seem to rush for my laptop.

PLEASE SUPPORT MY BOOK! Now that it is ready!!


Anonymous said...

Lizelle took her copy of the book to work. She showed someone how she had done your hair for the photograph and the lady promptly bought the book! The overall look and feel is lovely and your journey, though challenging and emotional, has moments of smiles at the quirkie comments. It is worth the buy and a lovely gift for this time of year.

sarah said...

Hi Dierdre,

Oh I am so sorry that your trip to the UK is cancelled or postponed for now - you were so looking forward to it! I guess our bodies know what is best and we are at their mercy most times - rest is healing (I remember to tell myself that after 2 hour naps in the afternoons and waking up feeling guilty for it!). Lovely meeting you in PE and thanks for your time despite your vertigo etc. Back in Cape Town now and back in touch with cyberspace - yay - take care and keep in touch xoxo sarah.

CJP said...

The London Kohlers are all mega disappointed that we won't be seeing you both this week. Your room was all ready complete with flowers and no dust!! Hope the exhibition gets rescheduled soon. Good luck with the book sales - is there an "Oprah" type person who can promote your book? Get it into Exclusive Books Recommended book of the month or something like that? CJx

Anonymous said...

Oh I am sorry to hear that your trip off but sometimes your body does say enough ! I can't wait to get my copy - have you kept one for me or should I get from your gran ?

sam said...

Hi Deidre,

I first listened to you speak at the Fashion Show and was really inspired by you and your positive outlook on life. By pure coincidence, I was chatting to Ed Lunnon the other day who mentioned he'd had a young lady with a brain tumour on his show and I realised it must be you - I bought your book from him and finished it in less than two days! You have a great writing talent, I loved your frank and honest style. You continue to inspire me and I'll be following your blog. Wish you all the best in life - you set an example for us all!

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