Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Leo @ Blanco

Here at Blanco the kids and adults eat at different times and venues. This is a problem because Leo honestly deep down in his soul does NOT believe he is a child. Last night after many explanations, debates and bargaining, Leo ended up in the kids lounge. He wouldn't look at me when we went into the room to fetch him. He then asked why God takes so long to make him big.

Today was totally different .... firstly he is not a morning person and was very perturbed at being woken at some early hour (7am) to go to breakfast. He usually only eats at 10.  By the time the lunch came around, in different rooms, he was not going to take it lying around and broke down shouting "I WANT TO BE A MAN!!" I was both amused and heartbroken. I then had to spend the afternoon trying to explain to him why it is nice to be a child. (I had to dig deep) James and I took him to get an ice-cream which softened the blow and he fell fast asleep. I think this whole dining room, early mornings and not being "a Man" thing was just too much for him. Just before he slept he said - "Can we just go home now, I am finished with holiday"

Anastasia and Adam have been playing pool, table tennis, swimming and "chilling" and only got into bed at 12am this morning. They are trying to beat me at all these games and as of today I am still ranked tops in the indoor games. I did feel a little dizzy and my hands started shaking from all the exercise and decided to go for a nap at 11!

Time for another afternoon nap now - we aren't "allowed" to use technology in the venue apart from our rooms so this is it... I sneak it to do a bit of catch up and make a couple of calls!

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Anonymous said...

How can I ever forget the day after I decided to go platinum blond when Leo studied my face and looked deep into my eyes saying: 'Tish, you look nice'. I fell for that little man there and then.

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