Saturday, December 25, 2010

Meeting someone

It is so ironic how life works.  On Thursday I met someone here at Blanco. She has a brain tumour and was diagnosed just last week! What a co-incidence, she also lives in PE. The story is that her husband is on contract here in South Africa but they are actually from Peru. They were thinking twice about coming to Blanco after hearing the news but decided that perhaps it would be good to just have a break.

When I found out that she has a tumour, I felt that I MUST talk to them and approached them directly. I gave them a copy of the book and over the last 2 days they have been reading it together. We have spent much time over dinners and lunches chatting to them.

As I have said, I feel that this is where God is leading me and this is just a wonderful example of it.

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