Friday, December 17, 2010

One Year at The Grove

On the 15th of December we celebrated being open for a year at The Grove. I can't believe I actually made it! We have had some hard times and some really good times. I have learnt a few things along the way. There are things that I don't like... accounting, shopping for food, cleaning and grumpy people. Things I love ... the parties and celebrations, the open spaces, good food and a family feel.

There was one particular old lady, that came with a group, who really needed a better attitude! Bear in mind that I really DON'T make any money out of these functions and it is more of a donation than anything else. She was so difficult that we took turns in serving her because EVERYTHING was wrong. I wanted to ask her to leave she was so annoying. I kept quiet  (as one must). Eventually Paul (my brother) said to me that he could put her out of her misery. Of course that make us all laugh and feel better.

Isn't it sad that she have managed to live a full life and in the last days she is so BITTER. Everything is a problem and a complaint. Everything gets criticised. Everything is an effort and nothing is good enough. And most of all she doesn't look around her and see where she is and those who are serving her. Yes, that is SAD.

I have learnt a lot from the old folk and I do enjoy talking to them. It is quite strange that they always in a rush. Paul's theory is that "They don't have long to live!" Perhaps we should live it up while we still around too!

Only a few days to go till Christmas. We will be having a family dinner at The Grove... I "plan" to sleep in on the 25th! (we are closed) This year I am going to plan 2011 to the best of my ability!

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