Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Officially opened support group 11 Jan 2011

Today is when I officially start the SA support group for brain tumour patients and supporters. I liked the date too! What a long journey it has been to reach this point. For this reason, the foundation makes it worthwhile. I am so passionate about it but I am an absolute layman.

Many of you may know that there is next to no support for people diagnosed with a brain tumour in South Africa. My journey started pretty much in the dark while spending much time leopard crawling through the internet. For those not attached to Google, I really wonder how they cope.

The primary things I want to focus on are:

  • providing each patient with a complimentary "Brain Box" consisting of books, information, supplements, sponsor gifts and support information.
  • each brain tumour survivor to complete a questionnaire so that we can build up a database of similarities.
  • travel around the country, setting up support group meetings, meeting patients and giving motivational talks. (which will also promote my book and hopefully earn me an income!)
  • running a national exhibition (if I can get BT Buddies in SA)

As this will be an NGO, I will have to rely of raising funds to make this possible. I plan on connecting with all doctors linked in someway to brain tumours. I will be looking for sponsors and will ensure that they receive exposure through this process. If you know of any businesses who will benefit from this type of exposure, please contact me directly.

As I am pretty much alone in trying to get this all done, I would welcome any assistance that will help me achieve the objectives.

PLEASE if you are a brain tumour survivor, supporter or know of a brain tumour patient, I would love your contact information.

My contact details are deirdre@greenvalleyestate.co.za or 083 380 3725. Please send me an SMS if you can't reach me via phone.


Anonymous said...

You are ideal for this move, Deirdre. Your approach to research, analysis, exploring and comparing and your actions have been an eye opener to me. You are a very good leader for this role.
May you walk in favour in all you do.
Love u

Anonymous said...

Goo Luck dear D - this is where you should be - you have found you niche in life. I know you be will an invaluable support to so many people.

Natalya said...

Hey Deirdre, replied to you via facebook as my mobile phone no longer has a signal where I have moved to! Email me at natalya@btbuddies.org.uk or reply on facebook and we can chat more about the message you sent me! Very excited for you and others in SA desperate for support :)

Your BT Buddy

Natalya x

Jim G-M said...

That's wonderful. Best of luck. You will do great!

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