Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Leo turns 5!

Leo's birthday is always particularly significant as his age is the age of my diagnosis of a tumour. I am so proud of who he is, in fact all of my children. I love being able to talk and reason with my kids. I have had a sore on my foot for  a week now and it is bugging me. So yesterday I was complaining to myself, while putting the plaster on my sore. Leo looked at it and said

"I don't know why you have a vrot (disgusting) foot? Only old people like granny have vrot feet and you are too young for that vrotness" - Yes, he is only 5 - at least he thinks his mom is young - 1000 points!!

He also said that "All my children ate the cake" - that would be his peers at school!

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Anonymous said...

Hey there's Leo aka Mark the Shark! Munro just can't wait to turn 5 so that he can be the Shark!

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