Wednesday, February 16, 2011

MRI results

Well after another nail biting MRI and many prayers while lying in the machine ... the scan results show that the tumour has shrunk even further!! I was so relieved to hear the news and have the ordeal out of the way. I was really trying to avoid it, primarily because I was scared of bad news. Now I realise that it is just so much better to tick it off the list rather than let it become a burden and distract you for your goals.

While lying in the MRI machine, I went through a serious of "what ifs" There are so many things that I want to do and achieve that it would be such a blow to hear anything but good news.  It just made me realise how much our health is a deciding factor in our abilities - but on the other side - when we do have health on our side, we should make the most of it. That is exactly what I intend on doing.

So now I can put it completely out of my mind until August. What a wonderful feeling of relief! An OF COURSE I am so blessed and grateful to be reminded that my gift of life is still glowing.


Anonymous said...

Excellent!wonderful news, Deirdre. All these milestones! Been quite a start to the new year which, BTW, is almost a sixth of the way through. How scary is that.
Love u

Dan O said...

Sweet news indeed! As someone who held the hand of his wife during 25+ brain MRI checkups, I can feel your relief from the other side of the planet.
Prayers for continued blessings,

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