Tuesday, February 8, 2011


The weeks just seem to fly by without me noticing. Nancy is out of surgery and all is well. She is experiencing the usual symptoms after surgery - fatigue, swelling, bruising and anti climax. BUT all is good and that is the main thing. She is just waiting for her biopsy to come back.

Dr Morkel returned my call on Sunday evening to commend the efforts with the brain tumour foundation. He mentioned something quite interesting, he said (in my interpretation) that patients are needing basic support and information. For example, when patients have flu they call their neurosurgeon worrying that it is related to the tumour. I was thinking how true that is. So one of the things we need to do is set up a forum where people can share information and assist with questions where possible.

We have a logo for our foundation! I thought it was very clever as it shows people putting their heads together, it is a variety of colours like our flag and in the centre it has a white dove. The logo was designed by Marcos Adri·n Echeverr√Ća Paredes as a free download and modified for the foundation by Jamie Bell of Fury Fighters.

I have also done a sticker for our BT Survivors!!

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Anonymous said...

Well done D - so proud of you. You are amazing. The world needs people like you. LOL D x xx

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