Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Belly Up

As if I can't get enough of doctors / hospitals. I went for a minor op today to ensure no babies on the way and tweak my uncooperative ovary.

Of course, as I do, I started the day with some nervous laughter, aided of course by a very amusing woman in the seat next to me. I must admit that this is A LOT less hectic than brain surgery - go figure.

I get out of surgery and ask about 50 questions - over and over again. Until the nurse says I have asked her that already. Then I realise that I sound like Leo on the drive to Walmer Park - asking for some form of book or gadget that will assist him in his shark research.

When I got back to the room my belly was VERY sore. I look about 5 months pregnant and it hurt like hell - which you know is NORMAL! Anyway when I pointed out the gushing blood from the belly button - I got a little more attention. Nothing serious besides the BLOOD! Oh and then - the BED PAN! No not once - twice. On the third time I was like "Whatever I am SO holding my belling and walking to the toilet" Just when I thought my stomach couldn't possible look worse! NEVER NEVER SAY THAT!!

So home in bed tomorrow also with my mac - I'm loving it. Definitely NO going out - I feel like that girl who ate the wrong thing on "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" and swelled up like a balloon.

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sarah said...

hi dierdre - I'm so sorry you have to go through this surgery. Our wires have definately been crossed - i sent you an email ages ago and a text round wigs (which I don't need yet and hopefully won't)remaining optimistic... hee hee.
FAB NEWS re the tumor shrinkage - CONGRATS you guys must be over the moon. I'm so happy for you - How big is the residual now in total? Love the work you are doing with logos and all - is there a site yet and can I help at all - I tried 9 times to get on BT buddies still with no luck - so hopefully my blog can get onto a blog buddy facility of yours if you have? I'm in week 3 of radiation and feeling fab - today anyway (must be a good day!) - take care, lots of love, sarah xoxo

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