Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Just rolling!

So much has been going on in the last few weeks. It looks like there may be a possibility of getting sponsorship for the Brain Tumour Foundation - which is really exciting. I am needing help with the website if anyone wants to volunteer! I am also nearly finished the hand out book for the newly diagnosed. WHICH is a BIG need for patients - as some of you may know it is really missing in SA.

Also we are moving forward with the life planning programme - which I am calling a "Life of Meaning" (for now) I am still struggling to name it properly. I am SO excited about it and really feel that it will have meaning to so many people in this life of instant and short term gratification. After a revelation, I have completed a model which I think (hope) will free many people up to live a deeper level of meaning in our capitalist society.

So with saying that... I have started to study philosophy. I am still in the process but I feel that - for the first time - my life has linked itself in all spheres. It has been so liberating and exciting that I haven't slept for weeks! I am looking at issues related to the life of meaning and I can only be grateful (without the cliche) for the role that the (ex)brain tumour had in my life. I don't feel scared of death (not that I want to die or anything) - what I feel is grateful to have more time to live my life fully.

My thought to you would be - what is your life's philosophy and will it ensure a meaningful life to you and those around you? Hard to answer - isn't it!



CJP said...

Next Kohler going for an MRI head scan - 12.30 this Sunday. Couldn't believe they work on Sundays but why not? More relaxing than dashing there from work. Am hoping there is nothing lurking in the shadows. CJx

sarah said...

Hi Dierdre, sounds like you have come a long way with your brain support group ideas etc. Re the philosophy studies and meaning of life thing - I am totally with you. I have completed radiation and have just completed the foundation course of my process art facilitator studies which has given me new passion and injected me with so much inspiration about the healing role of art and an appreciation of all synchronicity in our lives.
Just a quick question. When you completed radiation, how long was it before your hair started growing again? Its been 3 weeks since I finished and it still seems to be falling out lots - I lost such a lot of hair - it has really horrified me - thank goodness for scarves and hats and the look good feel better programme

Deirdre Kohler said...

Hi Sarah

It takes a few months (2 - 3) to start growing back ... I suggest you take some hair &skin supplements. I swear by them but I don't know what it would have done without them! The hair comes back in little baby bits - At least it is all over now!!

Will leave a message on your blog too - lots of love

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