Saturday, May 28, 2011

Brain Injury and Brain Tumours

I have often wondered if there is a link between injury and tumours. For me, I had a massive fall in the bathroom early one morning and hit the corner of my head on the shower floor edge. (This accident was two years before diagnosis of the brain tumour) I had concussion for 2 days and an "egg" on my forehead for 5 days. After that event I had vertigo for week, tiredness etc. I have also had a few falls as a child etc. Surprisingly, they have all been on the left of my head close to the area of the tumour.

Today while browsing the internet, I noticed a few medical cases researched of a resulting brain tumour a few years after brain injury. I can't but wonder if there isn't a link between all diseases and injury. Maybe bruising in our bodies causes longer term side effects than we thought? Obviously to get cancer there needs to be a genetic sensitivity to turn healthy cells into cancerous ones. But if we compare skin cancers, we know that sun damage has a long term risk for cancer. So would it not be true to say that perhaps our risk of cancer is not just genetic but also injury related of sorts? We could hypothesise that breast cancers may be stimulated by the contraceptives women take these days?

I am not a doctor, but I am a patient. I think perhaps we need to see if there are links between cancers and injuries. Our bodies are so fluid and change so often that perhaps when they replicate, the DNA passed on is damaged and passes on cancer cells?

Food for thought! d:)

100 days

I logged on today and noticed that 100 days ago I had my last MRI. So I have about 80 days till my next one. How I hate the scans!! But other than the flu that is still pestering me, I am well. Life goes on - just too quickly!

Today I am "duty" at the coffee shop but it is quiet so I have sometime to surf the internet etc! I feel a little guilty for not actually wanting to work - but only a little. I have also been reading "Quantum Healing" by Deepak Chopra and have been amazed by the idea that we can actively influence the healing process in our bodies. What for me is the most amazing is how wonderfully our bodies are made and how our bodies intelligently fight disease. For me personally it just shows how we should be looking at what we feed ourselves. We are like nature and our physical bodies need to be looked after in the same way our gardens need to be. Enjoy the fruits of life - in moderation!

My friend Sandra has her 2nd child yesterday "Laila" - congratulations to Sandra, Sven and Ella on a new daughter and sister!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Inspirational Talk

I have eaten too much and not exercised at all. So I can feel my butt turning to flab and my stomach expanding. Yes I think it is time to go to gym. Whenever I feel really tired it takes me back a couple of years ago and I have a harsh reminder of what being tired can mean.

On Friday I did a talk to the PE business women's club. It was a lovely morning. My granny joined me and it turned out so handy because she had brought books with, change for notes and even a money box! None of the things I had thought about! It just shows me what a good businesswomen she still is! It is amazing how little people still know about the brain and patients with brain tumours.

I would really like to do a road shop in SA and promote the brain tumour foundation BUT I can't find a sponsor. My thought is that I can do a few inspirational talks & book signings - so to all those out there, please let me know if there is someone who would benefit from the exposure and willing to pay for the roadshow! I think that many of the drug companies could support their patients in this way.

It has been really slow at the coffee shop so we may have to close and only open for functions booked. I must be honest I have no idea what to do!

Thursday, May 12, 2011


I was SO proud of myself assuming that for some obscure reason I was the only person who seemed to be immune to the flu going around. I ascribed this to having blood still infused with radiation material. BUT I was wrong - so now I sit with "snot and trane" while watching the most dumb programme "Survivor SA" I don't know if the crying is from the programme itself, the fact that I am actually watching it or simply the flu. Regardless they are all on the same scale.

I feel so guilty for living in my "own world" for the past couple of months. I have definitely enjoyed having my space for a while. Having to worry about money, homework, laundry and employees is nothing but a drag to say the least. Not that that has totally stopped but I have just not given it my full attention.

Last week Saturday I did a talk for the Salvation Army. Man, it really does put things into perspective. We are so busy worrying about all the little things and these people are dealing with serious problems like loosing everything in a fire. I felt like such an idiot giving an inspirational talk and being healthy.

I am still attending classes but just feeling dumber by the day when I realise just how much I don't know. One of the assignments is to write a discourse. What a joke, I don't write or speak co-herintly as it is and now I have to do it at a high level! All I can suggest is that once again God reveals his sense of humour in my life. A lady who had a brain tumour in her speech area writing. It just reminds me that all things are possible...


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