Saturday, May 28, 2011

100 days

I logged on today and noticed that 100 days ago I had my last MRI. So I have about 80 days till my next one. How I hate the scans!! But other than the flu that is still pestering me, I am well. Life goes on - just too quickly!

Today I am "duty" at the coffee shop but it is quiet so I have sometime to surf the internet etc! I feel a little guilty for not actually wanting to work - but only a little. I have also been reading "Quantum Healing" by Deepak Chopra and have been amazed by the idea that we can actively influence the healing process in our bodies. What for me is the most amazing is how wonderfully our bodies are made and how our bodies intelligently fight disease. For me personally it just shows how we should be looking at what we feed ourselves. We are like nature and our physical bodies need to be looked after in the same way our gardens need to be. Enjoy the fruits of life - in moderation!

My friend Sandra has her 2nd child yesterday "Laila" - congratulations to Sandra, Sven and Ella on a new daughter and sister!

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