Saturday, May 28, 2011

Brain Injury and Brain Tumours

I have often wondered if there is a link between injury and tumours. For me, I had a massive fall in the bathroom early one morning and hit the corner of my head on the shower floor edge. (This accident was two years before diagnosis of the brain tumour) I had concussion for 2 days and an "egg" on my forehead for 5 days. After that event I had vertigo for week, tiredness etc. I have also had a few falls as a child etc. Surprisingly, they have all been on the left of my head close to the area of the tumour.

Today while browsing the internet, I noticed a few medical cases researched of a resulting brain tumour a few years after brain injury. I can't but wonder if there isn't a link between all diseases and injury. Maybe bruising in our bodies causes longer term side effects than we thought? Obviously to get cancer there needs to be a genetic sensitivity to turn healthy cells into cancerous ones. But if we compare skin cancers, we know that sun damage has a long term risk for cancer. So would it not be true to say that perhaps our risk of cancer is not just genetic but also injury related of sorts? We could hypothesise that breast cancers may be stimulated by the contraceptives women take these days?

I am not a doctor, but I am a patient. I think perhaps we need to see if there are links between cancers and injuries. Our bodies are so fluid and change so often that perhaps when they replicate, the DNA passed on is damaged and passes on cancer cells?

Food for thought! d:)


Anonymous said...

Tumors originate from damage to DNA. Sun can do that. Bumps to the head cannot.

Anonymous said...

I am 100% convinced that cancer triggered by physical and emotional trauma to our bodies

Deirdre Kohler said...

The cases that were being researched where patients who had had brain injury and had scans done as a result. In some cases up to 20 years later they realised that there was now an oligodendrogiloma tumour in the same place that the injury appeared on the scans before.

Although there is no point trying to change the past, perhaps if we consider that our DNA is actually much more environmentally sensitive than we thought, we could gear up for treatments in a much more effective way.

I know what my case involved and I know that for me, I feel that I have both a DNA sensitivity that has been triggered by my intense fall. We know our bodies better than we think!

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