Thursday, May 12, 2011


I was SO proud of myself assuming that for some obscure reason I was the only person who seemed to be immune to the flu going around. I ascribed this to having blood still infused with radiation material. BUT I was wrong - so now I sit with "snot and trane" while watching the most dumb programme "Survivor SA" I don't know if the crying is from the programme itself, the fact that I am actually watching it or simply the flu. Regardless they are all on the same scale.

I feel so guilty for living in my "own world" for the past couple of months. I have definitely enjoyed having my space for a while. Having to worry about money, homework, laundry and employees is nothing but a drag to say the least. Not that that has totally stopped but I have just not given it my full attention.

Last week Saturday I did a talk for the Salvation Army. Man, it really does put things into perspective. We are so busy worrying about all the little things and these people are dealing with serious problems like loosing everything in a fire. I felt like such an idiot giving an inspirational talk and being healthy.

I am still attending classes but just feeling dumber by the day when I realise just how much I don't know. One of the assignments is to write a discourse. What a joke, I don't write or speak co-herintly as it is and now I have to do it at a high level! All I can suggest is that once again God reveals his sense of humour in my life. A lady who had a brain tumour in her speech area writing. It just reminds me that all things are possible...


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Anonymous said...

Don't know how you fit it ALL in you are amazing. I can't manage to live life coherantly let alone write about it !

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