Monday, June 27, 2011

So now what?

Well I may be jumping the gun but it looks like we have lost the deal to buy the house. Once again my ironic life steps in... James has put in an application at one of the universities in April but we still haven't heard anything. So I asked to him today, when he popped home, "Would you still consider moving if you get the job?" He answered "probably not we have too much going on and we are settled here". Literally 3 minutes later we get a call from the estate agent to say that the owners of the house signed a contract with another couple without even contacting us. The frustration was that we couldn't get bank approval till James university contract was processed. (He has been lecturing for "free" because the administration has been useless) We have been waiting for 5 months and granted the owner can't wait forever. The irony - the contracts came through on Friday last week. So, I asked James the question again 10 minutes later and the answer "I don't know anymore"

I struggle to understand what I am supposed to be doing with my life. It seems as though when I have a plan something seems to get in the way. I am having second thoughts about my coffee shop... I still hope that God will just send a little box from heaven with the answers! Sigh!!

Anyway, I just want to get the subdivision through for the farm (delays delays delays) and get the Brain Tumour Foundation off to a good start. Touch wood! The paperwork is just a pest...

I really don't want to get a house, rather a townhouse or flat because the maintenance is just a waste of time. I think I just need a place to rest.

James and I celebrate our wedding anniversary on Sunday and we are planning to visit the Grahamstown arts festival! Hopefully there some good shows on!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Oncology Conference in South Africa Sun City

We have received sponsorship for printing of the Brain Tumour Foundation printing of the booklets and to attend the medical conference from the 24th August in Sun City. I am so excited. It will be a break from the normal as well as expose the foundation to the medical workers. I am considering doing a drive up and stopping in Bloem and JHB to visit the oncology centres and drop of some of the BTFSA booklets.

We are hoping that Denis Strangman (International Brain Tumour Alliance) will be able to join me and show me the ropes!  I am considering the following topics:
1) "What brain tumour patients and their caregivers seek from their treating Doctors" (based on the results of the IBTA surveys);
(2) "The involvement of brain tumour patient advocates as partners in clinical trials and research"; and
(3) The role of cancer patient advocacy groups in the USA, Europe and Australia.

I do talks on
(1) corporate philosophy and wellness (does your business have a death drive?)
(2) personal journey of surviving a brain tumour.
(3) Needs of brain tumour patients and role of BTFSA (Brain Tumour Foundation)

If anyone wants to get hold of me to participate in some way on this "road show" (Like invite us to do a talk, arrange venue or accommodation etc) please let me know.

I have so much paper work that I don't know if I am coming or going! I just have to get things ticked off on my "To Do" list as soon as possible. But I am HAPPY that we can get things going!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Golf Ball in My Brain: Race for Hope 2011

Read the : The Golf Ball in My Brain: Race for Hope 2011: "For the first time in years I ran a 5K, a very special 5K. This was the Race for Hope to benefit the National Brain Tumor Society and Acc..."

Can you believe it but I found a picture of my radiation mask at the recent race for hope in USA on a fellow blogger's website!! d:)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Philosophy of money vs wellness

Today was quite an interesting one to say the least.  I feel like I have made a break through in my masters on "Corporate Philosophy" because to me "Wellness" is directly proportional to the environment we are living and working in. I have had a few interesting meetings and have realised that a large problem in our society is that we don't have a tangible grip on reality. Let me elaborate...

Back in hunter and gatherer days, humankind would have to search for food and perhaps plant foods to sustain their needs.  They had to work with nature (and each other) to obtain their basic needs. This tangible link must of created a sense of reverence and connection with nature and others because if they did not maintain their environment they would no longer be able to eat off it. Then came money, so now people were working for money and couldn't "see" the fruits of their labour. Work became about selfish attainment of money. There was no more connection with the source of our sustenance, as money was the invisible thing everyone aimed for. We still have basic needs like food and shelter but the difference is that we have no connection to the source of this commodity. We also then buy things that have no reference to reality and are purely selfish.

So between the two large companies I had dealings with I have realised that the "powers that be" are as invisible and unattainable as the money they supposedly have. I was told by a major pharmaceutical company today, that they don't have any money for the BTFSA and can't support the foundation due to "budgetary constraints" but they did credit me with the efforts I am making in the community. I may believe this if I was asking for a fortune but when I am only asking them to support 10% of what my PERSONAL drug costs came to, I struggle to believe in the integrity of the statement.

So I beg to understand what our corporates are aiming to achieve. (Assuming it isn't profits) I am SO grateful that there is a drug available for people like me BUT I want to understand if there is a responsibility of corporates to the source of their sustenance. I believe that there is and I believe that each human needs to understand where the fruits of our labour come from. Our efforts should promote life in all forms and this includes customers, environment, nature and people working in the organisation. What is the purpose of killing everything in pursuit of profits? Ultimately, shouldn't we enjoy our work in the short life that we have been given? I believe it is possible to enjoy the work we do IF we step out of what we want and move into sustaining the world and people that support us. Perhaps then, life will have a bit more meaning and work would be fulfilling?

I suggest that our corporates start looking at their corporate philosophy because I can promise you that "wellness" in the individual is directly proportional to the environment that the individual lives and works in.

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