Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Brain Tumour Foundation of South Africa

Well after an absolutely awful week last week, I am glad to say it is over and hopefully I will not have to experience a week like that in the future. I spent much of the time in tears, fighting, depressed and discouraged. All I can say is that it is over and I am dusting it off!

One VERY good thing that did come out of last week is that the Brain Tumour Foundation Charity Trust is registered and ready for action! We have three trustees Bronwen McMahon, Melanie Darlow and myself. We are still very new to this and once the kids are back at school, the ladies and I will sit down and plan the future (as much as one can!) We do have a sponsor (MSD) who are sponsoring the printing of educational material for patients and their family. They are also contributing to us attending the SASCRO SASMO CONGRESS 2011  This is very exciting as we will finally be getting some exposure. There is a lot of planning that needs to go into this! We have been given a stand to be part of the exhibition too. I would like to thank Rhyno Kriek for organising all of this for us so wonderfully. His details are on the website listed above.

Denis Strangman (From the International Brain Tumour Alliance) and I will participate in a couple of sessions and cover the following topics

  • What brain tumour patients and their caregivers seek from their treating doctors (Based on the results of the IBTA surveys);
  • Personal brain tumour survivor story
  • The involvement of brain tumour patient advocates as partners in clinical trials and research
  • Needs of brain tumour patients and the role of the Brain Tumour Foundation of South Africa
We would like a sponsor to contribute towards the distribution of the IBTA magazine in SA and any sponsors in any capacity will be given the appropriate exposure. For corporates needing a wellness talk in your business environment, you can claim back donations you have make!! Come on people...

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