Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Girl interrupted!

You know (probably only if you are a girl) when one day - out of the blue - everything just becomes too much. And then, you start crying for nothing in particular but rather everything particular. Yes, that is how my day started today. (I call it stress relief) I have realised (against my original thought pattern) that, in life, we just can't rationalise everything. I don't think people understand how significantly my thoughts have changed through my experiences! And, in a way, it is about allowing myself to feel sorry for "me" and all that have have faced.  So there!

When I saw this sticker (www.zazzle.com) while looking for brain tumour exhibition materials, I thought - perfect that is exactly right although I admit I am tired of fighting. You know the saying " I am sick and tired of being sick and tired" - yip I understand that more than you can imagine. Don't you ever feel that "Dear God, I REALLY need a good year all round"  So that was the chat I had with Him this morning. I just want a life that is simple, stop with the money and the work and the physical limitations. How on earth can we breakaway from these things? It is physically not possible, but how do I stop it from messing up my mind and my spirit. Well I look forward to someone's answer because I certainly don't have it and no package from the sky has arrived yet with the answer on a plate! All I can say is "Humans really have messed things up for themselves and others" now we have to go though a whole period of recycling our humanity - challenging!!

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