Monday, August 8, 2011

Tick Tock Tick Tock

Well the conference is two weeks away and the list is still very full! We moved to a new house last week and I must be honest, I was completely exhausted. Hopefully we can settle for a while this time! Every time I feel the tiredness, I have a small panic as the memories are brought back. I felt as though a seizure was coming on last week so just decided to stay at home...I also have to go for the normal MRI in a couple of weeks ...Grumble :(

I have really been noticing what I have been eating. Every meal that we put into our bodies is either helping us or is toxic. Lately, because of all the busyness, I haven't got around to getting my smoothies and can physically feel my skin drying out. No there is no scientific evidence for this logic but to be honest I don't really need anything scientific to understand how my body works. Oh yes, according to CANSA it seems as though 90% of cancers are caused by external factors and not genetics... So, perhaps, I am not too far off in my assumption about my early years falls? No need to hypothesise though, unless it may help the researches in finding a cure.

I did a talk on Saturday to close on 400 people (I was one of 4 guest speakers) and it was really fun. It was very casual as I didn't feel like having tears all over the place! There was a plastic surgeon before me telling us about all kind of things depressing about ageing... Botox included. So I opened up my talk with "Botox was originally designed for serious migraine sufferers and later the facial benefits were noticed for cosmetic purposes. So if I ever have Botox it will purely be to avoid headaches and not because I think I am looking older!!"

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Anonymous said...

Been thinking of you so much lately - hope settling slowly. Be gentle with yourself

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