Friday, October 28, 2011

Book review

I "found" this book review in the Citizen and thought I would share it! So exciting!–-and-life

Brutal Honesty - Battle for the brain – and life

This is a personal account by Deirdre Kohler of how she battled and conquered a brain tumour that threatened her life.
13 April 2011 | Dries Brunt
Not rated yet.
Brutal Honesty by Deirdre Kohler (Big People), R130. ISBN: 9780620487993 - This is a personal account by Deirdre Kohler  of how she battled and conquered a brain tumour that threatened her life.
Her story includes the full cycle from  symptoms, epileptic seizures to surgery and recovery. 
But she is not alone in this battle.  Friends, including an American who had lost his wife to a similar disease, her husband and family and a strong faith helped her.
Information about degrees of brain cancer, the difficulty of diagnosis, decisions to take on radiation, chemotherapy or surgery and at what stage, the process of recovering after the surgery make this interesting reading.
  From medical detail on brain cancer to a sense of compassion, sympathy and admiration, this book has it all. 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

"Hello Doctor"

There is a possibility that we will appear on "Hello Doctor" TV show. That would be SO exciting and a very nice platform to expose the Brain Tumour Foundation. As the show is in Cape Town, they have asked if we can arrange to see Dr Melville too. Wow, I haven't seen him for 3 years since my surgery. That would be very interesting!

No, I still haven't said "Hello Dr" Dupper! Sigh, this week has just been busy and I know I must give him a call, along with a dental appointment, my kids going for check ups, work, varsity, end of the month, hair cuts for my boys and a travel plan to CT. So, it is not about avoiding the MRI, just rather trying to fit it in. For me, it is just not a priority anymore. I so blessed for the way God has worked and enriched my life.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Successful Brain Tumour Awareness Tea Party

Well, I am pretty exhausted after the event we had on Saturday. I am definitely not going to cater and run the event again. My mom (Lynn Page), Bronwen McMahon and Melanie Darlow were all assisting and absolute stars. We were pretty overwhelmed at the response and had over 80 people book - although there were 7 that didn't arrive it was still very full! We had such wonderful sponsors of prizes etc - It really makes the event fun and special. I will put some feedback online shortly.

Dr Dupper is moaning at me to go for a MRI scan this week! I suppose I have to "face the music" and have it done. BUT what a horrible interruption to what it is I am doing and I will admit it does scare me. Although to be honest I have not been feeling great over the past couple of weeks. I am not sure if this is due to just the busyness over this period and a bit of stress around our finances. (most likely that) Anyway... I will see how it goes!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Time to be a doer

In speaking to a fellow BT patient yesterday who has just laid out hundreds of thousands for treatment. I have yet again felt obliged for us as a population to stop being docile and actually getting things done. Patients are NOT getting drugs in South Africa. So you have to have money if you want treatment. If you are poor you will probably just die. Why are we accepting this? I know we don't live in a fair world and that we are all gonna die - that is a fact! But we can make a difference, lets make the most of the life and celebrate it with bravery and will. No-one is asking you to go out there and fight a war. Just standing together and working in your community to make a better place for all is incredibly powerful. We are built to co-operate but often we just feel we can't do things due to financial constraints. I think we have a lot more resources than we think.

So if you are one of those who has made the decision to live, I would encourage you to share your life with others in a meaningful way!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Upcoming events

I am really wanting to be more actively involved in spreading the word for patients but also raising awareness about our social issues, including our environment and medical care. We are doing an edible planting initiative to celebrate life and love which is really exciting.

22 October 2011 : Brain Tumour Fundraising Tea
Place: The Grove Lake Side Road, Port Elizabeth
Time: 11am till 1pm
Entertainment:  2 speakers, 2 singers and planting seedlings.
Catering: Sweet and savoury platters and coffee / tea
Price: Tickets are R55 p/p and 10% of funds go to BTFSA 
Venue information: 

3 November 2011 : Brain Tumour Benefit Tea 
Place: Casa Blanca Coffee Shop & Restaurant, Cape Town 
Time: TBA
Entertainment : Lucky draws and guest speaker
Catering : Sweet and savoury platters and coffee / tea
Price : R100 p/p includes 
Venue information

NB: Please bring edible type plants / seedlings with you to the BTFSA functions so that we can plant to celebrate life.

For more information please call Deirdre on 083 380 3725 or

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