Wednesday, October 26, 2011

"Hello Doctor"

There is a possibility that we will appear on "Hello Doctor" TV show. That would be SO exciting and a very nice platform to expose the Brain Tumour Foundation. As the show is in Cape Town, they have asked if we can arrange to see Dr Melville too. Wow, I haven't seen him for 3 years since my surgery. That would be very interesting!

No, I still haven't said "Hello Dr" Dupper! Sigh, this week has just been busy and I know I must give him a call, along with a dental appointment, my kids going for check ups, work, varsity, end of the month, hair cuts for my boys and a travel plan to CT. So, it is not about avoiding the MRI, just rather trying to fit it in. For me, it is just not a priority anymore. I so blessed for the way God has worked and enriched my life.


Scott said...

Hi Deirdre-

I don't know what frequency you have your MRI's, but please keep up with it. They are very expensive, but you must know what is happening in your head. I just had my 6 month MRI yesterday, and my neuro oncologist said there was no change, even compared to an MRI from 2 years ago. So I have felt like celebrating. I also ran into my neurosurgeon at the hospital, and shared the news with him. He was very happy to hear the good news. My best to you and your family.


Deirdre Kohler said...

Thanks for advice .... d:)

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